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Heat Knee Keeper

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USB (with Massage Function)
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Give you a comfortable winter
With Heated, Massage Knee Wrap

    Adjustable heat levels make sure that you have the most comfortable experience! Control the temperature at any time to make yourself comfortable, allowing you to spend a warm winter.

    Main Features

    • [Warm Support] Combined with the heat and soothing vibration massage to let you become relaxed during leisure. Suitable for elderly people, athletes, office workers, and people with related problems.

    • [In-depth Hot Compress] Quickly heat up in 2 seconds to warm your knees. Built-in heating pad with 3 adjustable heating levels (45℃/55℃/65℃). A larger heating area can better relax you after fatigue.

    • [Adjustable Straps] Three adjustable Velcro straps are flexible and can be stretched freely. Allow it to firmly fix the knee massager, and apply to the thigh, calf, arm, leg, and other parts.

    • [Wireless Charging] Convenient and fast USB charging allows charging at any time and can be carried with you without restriction. You can supplement power at home, office, or in the car.

    • [Net Pocket Design] Built-in mesh bag design, you can put wormwood bags or other spice bags, keep warm while making the air fragrant. Breathable, skin-friendly fabrics will not burden the skin.

    Using Methods

    • Keep pressing the key to turn on and off. Then lightly press the key to adjust the gear.


    Product Weight
    • 213/296G
    Product Size
    (L x W x H)
    • 35 × 20 × 5cm / 13.8 × 7.9 × 2inches
    Package Contents
    • Heat Knee Keeper × 1
    Color Black


    • Not suitable for pregnant women.
    • Children please use with their parents, and control the use time to protect their tender skin.
    • Diabetics, the elderly, and other people with insensitive skin perception systems, please use it with your family. Pay attention to shorten the use time and control the use temperature to avoid burns.
    • Severe heart disease patients, patients who have undergone implantation surgery, patients with internal hemorrhage, patients with pacemakers, and other critically ill patients, please use under the guidance of a doctor.
    • People with abnormal skin and wounds should avoid using it on the wound.
    • Patients with tumor diseases should avoid using it on the affected area.
    • Please use caution if you have a fever or high fever.
    • If dizziness, vertigo, or blood pressure rises during use, please stop using it.