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Spring Pipe Dredging Tool

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  • Easily clean the dirt in the tube, send a mom’s little assistant
    Keep drains flowing smoothly without spending too much money!
    • No need for any plumber or any other methods with our Spring Pipe Dredging Tool. Remove any clogs and debris easily without Chemicals!

    A very convenient picking tool that can be used for various purposes.

    Suitable for grabbing fallen screws or bolts, moving small parts out of restricted areas, etc.

    Simple two-finger movements. Pull the handle to expose and open the claw, release the handle to grab the part

    Strong four-jaw gripper action

    Controlled by spring handle

    Using Methods

    • 1.Straighten the drain cleaner first.
    • 2.Plug claw part into the sink slowly.
    • 3.Hold the handle, press the spring handle, and then the claw will open and grip rubbish.
    • 4.Lift it up slowly, and throw the rubbish to trash can.


    Product Weight
    • 92G
    Product Size
    • 85 cm
    Package Contents
    • Multifunctional Cleaning Claw × 1