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Washing Machine Foot Pads 4PCS

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  • With this anti-slip foot pad for washing machine, your washing machine will never run again, which perfectly solves the problems of washing machine displacement, large vibration, and loud noise.

Main Features

  • Good Anti-slip Performance
    Our "card slot design" makes the legs of the washing machine firmly fixed on the foot pad, avoiding the contact between the legs of the machine and the slippery ground, thereby playing a non-slip effect. The vacuum suction cup design allows the mat to stick firmly to the floor, preventing the washing machine and dryer from shaking too much or moving around.
  • Shock Absorber
    Like car tires, it has good shock absorption and cushioning functions.
  • Good Waterproof Performance
    Non-slip mat rubber material, high elastic polymer compound, good impermeable and waterproof performance, no need to worry about being wet or mildewed on the ground.
  • Not Deformed Under Heavy Pressure
    The rubber non-slip cushion will not be deformed under the action of external force and has good resilience.
  • Multi-purpose
    In addition to preventing the washer dryer from moving and reducing noise, these foot pads can also be used on table legs and chair legs to prevent slippage and noise reduction.


    Product Weight
    • 176G
    Package Contents
    • Washing Machine Foot Pads 4PCS × 1
    Material rubber
    Features Anti-slip, shock absorption, sound insulation
    Scope of application Suitable for washing machines, refrigerators, desks and other household appliances and furniture
    Product Size