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Zitour® Quick Button Attachment Tool

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Button Mounting Tool × 1+ Fasteners (10 PCS/Strip) × 5
Fasteners (10 PCS/Strip) × 5
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  • No more sewing with a needle and thread to mend a fallen button!
  • It's easy to get your fingers stuck and you can't always be sure that the stitching is perfect, and it takes time to thread the needle and mend it.
  • The Zitour® Quick Button Attachment Tool attaches buttons in just a few seconds. Zitour® is quick and easy to use. Simply load the fastener clip, hold, push into the button and pull the trigger.
  • The Zitour® is great for the home, office, school, and travel.

Main Features

  • ▶ No Sewing Required!
    With Zitour®, buttons can be fitted in seconds without sewing, without the fuss of handling threads and without fear of damaging the garment.
  • ▶ Long-lasting & Tight
    The fasteners are very small, almost invisible, firm and tight and they're washer, dryer, dry cleaning, and ironing safe.
  • ▶ Easy To Store Fasteners
    Comes with its own fastener storage compartment, one fastener has ten pieces and the storage compartment can hold 3-5 fasteners.
  • ▶ Ergonomic & Protective
    The ergonomic design allows for easy/comfortable pressure in the index finger press area and the needle cap acts as a thimble to protect the finger when in use. Comfortable and easy to hold.

Using Methods

  • Step 1: Insert fastener clip into Zitour®
  • Step 2: Load button onto needles
  • Step 3: Place the needle in the desired position
  • Step 4: Piercing the needle into the fabric
  • Step 5: Counter the needle with the needle cover
  • Step 6: Pull the trigger to attach the fastener


Product Weight
  • 90G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • 20 × 12 × 5cm / 7.9 × 4.7 × 2inches
Package Contents
    • Zitour® Quick Button Attachment Tool
    • Button Mounting Tool × 1
    • Fasteners (10 PCS/Strip) × 5
    • OR
    • Zitour® Quick Button Attachment Tool
    • Fasteners (10 PCS/Strip) × 5


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.